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Personalized eLearning

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Just as each person is a unique individual, so each organization is unique because it is a group of individuals.  Just as an individual will have personal preferences formed through their point of view, each organization will have its own culture and way of working which is informed by its history and members.  Personalization can then be personalization either for an organization or for an individual, and at LearnBIG we believe in both.

Personalized learning for an organization means that a course is shaped by the culture of the organization for which it is meant.  Organization size, values, and procedures all have an effect on how new information can best be presented.  By taking these characteristics into account when a course is designed, the information can be presented in a way which resonates with the culture of that organization, and therefore be more easily integrated into it.  

Personalized learning for the individual, by contrast, is not just about the characteristics noted above, but also about the specific methods used throughout the course.  A one-size-fits-all method of learning is the video or the book.  A single product which is presented once and is the same for all who consume it.  Personalized learning by contrast changes for each person who engages with it.  It respects the fact that each person engaging with the material is different. Some may learn the information after a first pass, while others may require some additional help and prompting.  It is for this reason that intelligent interactions are so important in designing personalized learning.

Now it is important to note that personalized learning does not affect the content or the quality of the subject matter being taught.  Three different courses, for three different organizations, on the same subject will cover the same material.  However, the framework in which the content is presented, as well as the style in which it is presented will vary from company to company and it is that personalization which actually increases the effectiveness of the training.

In the end, personalization is important because it promotes engagement and therefore effectiveness.  People are more willing to engage with material which resonates with them on a personal level, and since engagement is one of the key indicators of how well people will actually retain material they learn, personalization is worth promoting for those benefits alone.  Plus, personalization just makes learning more fun.