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LearnBIG provides customized and engaging e-Learning programs for employee development that will motivate and empower your teams to develop better business results.

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“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”

— Benjamin Franklin

LearnBIG's adaptive and responsive online training transforms the learning experience and enhances the knowledge retention of your workforce well beyond the passive watch and listen instruction that typifies traditional e-Learning.

The skills you need, delivered the way you want

Custom is king. LearnBIG builds custom e-Learning programs to give you an online coaching experience tailored to your specific business goals, culture, and brand. Our instructional design is platform and content neutral and supports a vast range of subject areas, including:

Business & Leadership Skills

HR & Compliance

IT Skills

Sales Training

Operations & Safety


Everything you need to make your online training take-off and the learning land


Learning is not a spectator sport. Micro-interactions keep users in active participation mode, resulting in greater knowledge acquisition and retention.



Adapt and fly – adaptive, response driven intelligence gives users contextually relevant content and remedial instruction based on their answers.


Real-time experience

There's no substitute for experience. Whether it’s a Javascript editor, a spreadsheet, or workflow form, LearnBIG embeds tools within the browser experience allowing users true interactivity and experiential learning.



Access all areas – LearnBIG technology is platform and device agnostic, giving your team the freedom to learn wherever and whenever it works best.



Measure what you manage. Go beyond simply recording course attendance with detailed reporting to understand what your employees actually know and learned.


Assess then train

Upfront online assessment of your employees' base of knowledge directs users to their areas of greatest development need, making for more efficient and targeted training time.


We’re re-imagining what training and education can be.

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